Weight Loss Journey 2:  After 4 Weeks, I’m Getting My Swagger Back

Weight Loss Journey 2: After 4 Weeks, I’m Getting My Swagger Back

wonder-woman-533663_1920After 4 weeks, I’m still only down about 10 pounds.   Part of me is very disappointed, expecting quicker results.  Another, more enthusiastic part of me is like, “Bridget, you are crazy!   You’ve lost 10 pounds!  That is wonderful!  Let’s do a celebratory happy dance!”

I know that it’s natural to want to see quick results, especially since I’ve made drastic changes in my lifestyle, but those things will come with time, and won’t always be announced on the scale. (These are things I have to remind myself.)

That being said, I have noticed some small victories:

More Definition Between My Waist and Hips

I have had an hourglass figure for as long as I can remember, but as my weight went up so did the inches on my waistline, and I felt more like a blob than a woman.  But my figure is returning to its womanly shape, which I learned to embrace long ago, and I find myself sauntering when I walk.  My pants are fitting better, and they are not creeping up into inappropriate places (ladies, you know what I mean).

My Back is Smoother

Sometimes when I wear more form-fitting tops I am embarrassed by the rolls I have.  I know we all have our lumpy places but they are not something I want to draw attention to.  My back feels smoother and I’m finding myself returning to tighter fitting clothing over boxy, shapeless tops.


I’m Craving Nutritious Food

Over the past four weeks I have maintained strict control over what I eat.  I never gave into temptation, not even once, and I’m proud of myself for that.  I didn’t lock myself in my room either.  Summer has brought with it opportunities for spending time with family and friends, and of course opportunities for travel and eating out.  There were a few times I wanted a spoonful of ice cream or a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte, but when I thought of my long-term goals I made healthier decisions instead.  I’m a big believer in moderation but the plan I’m on doesn’t allow for that…just yet.  Besides, my willpower is not as strong as it once was, so I need to keep making healthy decisions to remind myself I’m strong enough to do it.  Fortunately, my body prefers the taste and texture of nutritious food, and I find myself craving it.

My belly is flatter

It’s easier to bend over and move my legs around because my belly is less of an obstacle.  I’m beginning to be able to feel my hip bones in the front again; it’s been a very long time since I’ve been closely acquainted with them.

My face is thinner

In pictures I have noticed reduced puffiness from my cheeks to my chin.  My smile is more noticeable, which makes me want to do it more often!

Less aches and pains

Maybe it’s because I’m filling my body with healthy and nutritious foods instead of a bunch of chemicals, but I have noticed less aches and pains, especially in my knees and feet.  I had been resigning myself to the fact that I’m “getting older” and that aches and pains are “normal”, but I don’t think that’s true.  Wearing proper footwear helps with this as well (that may seem obvious, but there are a lot of cute shoes out there that have no support at all), especially during exercise.

I am proud of the changes I have made so far but I know I have a long way to go.  I didn’t put this weight (back) on overnight and I won’t be able to get it off overnight!  I’m confident I will continue to make good decisions that point me in the right direction!


Inquiring minds want to know: What is all this business about Weight Loss Journey 1 and Weight Loss Journey 2?

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Weight Loss Journey 2: I have gained back the majority of the weight I lost and have been on a quest since July 2015 to lose the weight again.

Sorry about the timing of the posts, I know that’s probably confusing. But they are only appearing at the same time because I didn’t start my blog earlier. It may be helpful to read the posts by category if you want to catch up. Enjoy!

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