Weight Loss Journey 2

Weight Loss Journey 2

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In just over 20 days, I’ve lost about 10 pounds using the REV plan through Personal Trainer Food.  This is a different program that I have used in the past but so far its been easy, effective, and satisfying.

What I like about Personal Trainer Food is that they actually send you pre-packaged, pre-cooked food that you can heat up easily and quickly in the microwave for a tasty and satisfying meal that falls within the guidelines of the program.  Also, you’re not limited to what they send you—there are other foods you can have unlimited amounts of, so you don’t have to go around feeling hungry and irritable.  The recommended exercise component is minimal, and the focus is on the nutritional component of losing weight.  There are also weight loss coaches available and a daily email offering support and education about why the program is effective.

All that being said, everyone’s body works in a different way.  What works for me may not work for you.  In general, I have found that reducing carbohydrate intake (especially complex carbs) makes me feel lighter, more energetic, less puffy, and like I’m able to function better overall.  I find that I am less sluggish and slowed, and can think more clearly.  The biggest change is in my energy level, though. It’s strange not to be so tired all the time!

So far the program has been a success and I plan to continue.


Are you confused?

Here is the deal:

Yes, I lost weight before (Weight Loss Journey 1) but gained it back over the course of a few years. Weight Loss Journey 2 is my current journey of re-committing to my health. Of course, I have weight loss goals as well, but mainly I want to get back to feeling in control of my health and my body. I will continue to share my story from Weight Loss Journey 1 in hopes that I will be an inspiration to myself and to others! I’m sure Weight Loss Journey 2, my current path, will have some challenges of its own, but fortunately I bring with me the tools and confidence that I gained from the first go-round.

I hope that you benefit from hearing my story and sharing my challenges, and I hope to be able to applaud you on whatever journey you are on!


Inquiring minds want to know: What is all this business about Weight Loss Journey 1 and Weight Loss Journey 2?

Weight Loss Journey 1: I lost 75 pounds from 2009-2011; I’m reposting the blog posts I wrote on Sparkpeople during that time

Weight Loss Journey 2: I have gained back the majority of the weight I lost and have been on a quest since July 2015 to lose the weight again.  For more info, see above.

Sorry about the timing of the posts, I know that’s probably confusing. But they are only appearing at the same time because I didn’t start my blog earlier. It may be helpful to read the posts by category if you want to catch up. Enjoy!

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