Weight Loss Journey 2:  Non-Weight Benefits

Weight Loss Journey 2: Non-Weight Benefits

It has been over 2 months since I began Weight Loss Journey 2 in early July 2015.  Within the first 6 weeks, I saw incredible progress, to the tune of 15 pounds of weight loss.
Almost another 6 weeks later, I still see the same 15 pounds of weight loss on the scale.  No more.  I want to see the scale change (and get under 200 pounds again—soon!) but I’m trying very hard to avoid focusing on the numbers.  Because the truth is, I’m still seeing results and I’m still staying consistent with my habits.
So today, I’m going to tell you about the other changes I see—the ones that have nothing to do with numbers on a scale.
  1. More energy
    My body feels lighter.  It’s easier to move, and it’s easier for me to jump up and do something instead of sighing heavily and struggling to stand up.  My Zumba classes are more fun for me because my body cooperates with what I tell it to do; it seems to even enjoy the movement!
  2. I can cross my legs
    This may seem like a minor thing but for a girl who likes to feel like a lady, I like being able to cross my legs.  As my legs have gotten bigger in the past, I have lost that ability.  I’m getting it back, and it makes me feel feminine and girly.
  3. My clothes have a looser fit
    I have talked about this a little bit with a pair of capris I wore the other day, but I’m seeing it in other clothes as well.  Earlier in the week I tried on a pair of pants that had gotten too small for me to feel comfortable wearing in public; they were just too tight.  In fact I forgot I had them because they were hiding out in the bottom of my drawer.   But I tried them on the other day and didn’t have to struggle with the clasp or pull to get them over my hips.  I have a feeling I will go back to wearing them soon!
  4. Prioritizing my overall health
    With the change in my nutritional habits, I have experienced a decrease in the desire for sugary sweets and unhealthy foods.  Along with that I seem to have placed a different value on prioritizing my sleep, emotional health, and maintaining my energy levels. 
  5. Others are noticing the change in my body
    Family and friends have commented on the changes they see in my body.  My boyfriend told me there’s more definition in my face and coworkers points out the overall change they see on a daily basis.  I am seeing visible changes in my legs and arms, face, hips—all sorts of places.
  6. Seeing the “big picture”
    Maybe it’s because I’m focusing on long-term goals, but I’m finding it easier to view my health on a bigger scale, instead of just going through the motions of feeding myself and tending to my basic needs on a daily basis.  I want to enjoy my life and that means prioritizing my health, not just now but for the rest of my life.  I have found that I am pursuing goals in other areas of my life as well.
  7. Pride in my accomplishments
    I am proud of myself for making my health a priority.  Instead of cursing myself for doing not doing what I “should” be doing, I am patting myself for all the discipline I’ve have over the past couple of months.  It seems easier to be kind to myself when I treat my body with respect and have been reaping the rewards of improved health.
What changes have you seen that aren’t related to the scale?  Whether you are pursuing weight loss or other goals, how does it affect your view of your life?


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