Weight Loss Journey 2:  No Carb Hiatus

Weight Loss Journey 2: No Carb Hiatus

I’ve been on Weight Loss Journey 2 for about 2 months now.  I’m down 15 pounds but I feel like the inches are continuing to melt away, albeit slowly.  A pair of capris that were tight earlier in the summer felt very loose to me yesterday, especially around the belly.


Picture by Bridget

Picture by Bridget

More people have commented on my progress and have noticed the changes.  I’m less concerned about other people noticing than I am about just enjoying and nourishing my body.  I’m trying to appreciate how it looks, how it moves, and how it gets me from one place to another.  At my Zumba class on Wednesday I had a ball.  I felt like my body was lighter, it moved more easily, but the best part was the amount of stress relief I got from the exercise!  My body is an extension of who I am as a person, and I want to treat it with respect and care in the same way I do my soul.

Over the long weekend I went on a beach trip with some friends.  I had decided before I left that I wanted to put a hiatus on my no-carb lifestyle for the trip.  I didn’t go hog-wild, but I did enjoy some ice cream, Oreos and milk, alcohol, and loosened the reins on the types of things I allowed myself to have for meals.

I told my boyfriend that I had an irrational fear that I would gain all the weight I had lost just over the weekend.  I remember having a feeling like that during Weight Loss Journey 1, as well.  But in general, I continued to avoid unhealthy options at the beach.  The food tasted so good!  But it was also greasy, unnaturally sweet, and made me feel heavy and bloated.  The bloat feeling was what surprised me the most.  And on the way home I was nauseous.  I may have eaten something strange but I really think it was due to the drastic diet changes I made over the weekend.

Because of all that, it wasn’t difficult at all for me to jump right back into the no-carb habits that I have been practicing for the past several weeks.  It was actually kind of a relief to return to more natural, healthy options.  My body was craving vegetables, in particular, and it also seemed to take a day or two for my body to readjust to the health foods.

This experience made me more aware of how good I feel when I’m taking care of my body.  I have a lot of energy when I’m nourishing my body with healthy foods.  I get better sleep when I’m exercising and doing things to manage stress.  I feel happier and more balanced when I put energy toward caring for myself and for my relationships.

All in all, the no-carb hiatus was a great success.  I found that I was eager to make good choices and get back to eating healthy, natural foods.

What do you do that makes you feel your best?


Inquiring minds want to know: What is all this business about Weight Loss Journey 1 and Weight Loss Journey 2?

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Sorry about the timing of the posts, I know that’s probably confusing. But they are only appearing at the same time because I didn’t start my blog earlier. It may be helpful to read the posts by category if you want to catch up. Enjoy!

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