Weight Loss Journey 1:  New Beginnings

Weight Loss Journey 1: New Beginnings

ulsan-442399_1280**This post first appeared on My SparkPage on Sparkpeople on May 27, 2009**

Well here we go…the first step on my journey. Let me catch you up…

I’m 26 years old, I’ve been overweight for pretty much as long as I can remember. Of course, the most painful memories of that time were in adolescence. As I was finishing high school I was wearing the upper end of “normal-sized” clothing. Once I got to college I gained the dreaded freshman 15 although I tried to incorporate some healthy habits, like exercise, into my daily routine. It never actually became a habit though (not then, anyway). Through college and grad school I was gaining about 10 pounds a year from poor lifestyle habits and some medication I was taking at that time. I managed to stop gaining a couple of years ago, and have been gaining and losing the same 10 pounds since then (which is now gone, I’ll tell you about it in a moment).

During that time I tried several things: the Atkins Diet (which worked very quickly, but was impossible to maintain-I was ravenous!), the Total Body Reshaping System (that actually worked really well and was much more realistic than some other things I had tried), and some other programs from infomercials. There was one that focused more on nutrition than exercise, and had a lot of really helpful information about caring for your body and nourishing it. It also addressed some of emotional components behind eating and choosing to stay overweight. One of the most important things I took away from that program was the concept of “body armor”; staying overweight to keep people from getting too close to you, since people who are overweight tend to draw less attention to themselves than an average-weight person. I’m still dealing with that one. I learned a lot from these different programs that I’m carrying with me on my journey to health and wellness.

Last fall I moved to North Carolina from upstate New York. There were many reasons for the move, but the most prominent was so that I could have a fresh start. I started changing some of my habits and had incorporated exercise into my life sporadically. Finally for good, I lost that stubborn 10 lbs in November, which I’m proud to say I have kept off through the holidays and the first part of the year. The goals on this site don’t include my heaviest weight, which is a thing of the past.

So why the new beginning?

First, I’ve realized that although I was working to lose that 10 pounds in November, I didn’t really commit to the work it would take to lose any more than that. I’m really proud of myself for that accomplishment, and it’s helped me to realize that if I’ve lost 10 pounds, I can sure as heck lose 10 more, and it has opened my eyes to what I’m capable of achieving.

Second, a couple of weeks ago I found a picture of myself from when I was a senior in high school (senior prom). In it I weigh approximately 50 lbs less than I do now. So I told myself, if I was at that weight at one time as an adult, I can sure as heck get there again. I have that picture on my refrigerator and look at it daily. That concept of body armor is still mulling around in my head. I told that picture I’m not afraid to be noticed anymore, and that I’m going to let that beautiful, thin, confident woman out so that the rest of the world can meet her, because she is very special. There’s no need to hide any longer.

Third, I’ve been trying to simplify things in my life. My personality is such that I tend to analyze things from every different angle instead of just making a decision and acting on it. I’ve decided to STOP making things more complicated than they need to be. Life is too short. And although I still analyze, I’m getting better at shutting off that part of my mind when it’s holding me back from going after something. I don’t want to be a year down the road and be in the same position I’m in now. And that goes for several areas of my life, not just my weight. So it’s time to be bold, take chances, make a plan and stick to it, because I deserve everything that I’m willing to work for.

So, now you’re caught up.

Of course, there’s way more to the story than that, but there’s the abridged version. Beginning about a week ago is when I really made the decision to commit to a change. I’ve been working out a lot (I’m getting addicted to it, which is great…gotta love those endorphins!) and being really careful about what I put in my mouth and in my mind. Finding that picture really helped me to visualize where I can be, and also helped me to see where I am. As with any journey, the road ahead won’t be filled with puppy dogs and rainbows, lol, but I’m confident that if I can keep my eyes focused on the end result than I can achieve anything I put my mind to by making good decisions on a daily basis.

I actually joined Spark People when I was in graduate school, but I never really did anything with it. I’ve learned that the most important things to do when setting a goal is to have a way to be accountable to yourself in taking steps to achieve that goal, and to surround yourself with like-minded people who will be supportive and positive and understand what you’re going through. (I could speak volumes on that, but I’ll save it for another day…)

So day one is drawing to a close and I’m feeling confident, focused, and decisive. I’ve never blogged before so please bear with me-a new step! :-) The journey has already begun…

Enjoy your journey! And keep your eyes focused on the goal!

Quote of the day: It’s not the smart that get ahead, but the bold. – Robert Kiyosaki


Inquiring minds want to know: What is all this business about Weight Loss Journey 1 and Weight Loss Journey 2?

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Sorry about the timing of the posts, I know that’s probably confusing. But they are only appearing at the same time because I didn’t start my blog earlier. It may be helpful to read the posts by category if you want to catch up. Enjoy!

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