The Practical Reason I Started a Blog

The Practical Reason I Started a Blog

heart-462873_1280One day I would love to have an independent income that’s stable enough that I have the option stay at home with my children when I have them.  As a Hospice Social Worker, I love my job, but it still confines me to a time commitment of (at least) 40 hours per week, not to mention a 35-minute commute (one way), and a significant investment of emotional energy.  As I just came off a summer full of travel and quality time with family and friends, I am reminded of the precious time I have and how I want to spend it with people I care about.

Currently, I’m single.  Although I’m dating a wonderful man, we have no immediate plans for marriage and I have no children.  Let me clarify:  if you count a beagle mix pup, then, yes, I am a single mom, but I have no human children.  I know the pet owners out there understand. 😉

But I want them.  Someday.  As I approach my mid-thirties it becomes more apparent to me that my child-bearing years are limited.  But it’s extremely important to me that the circumstances be right-I want to be in a stable marital relationship with a man I can also call my best friend, who I have fun with before and after the kids enter the picture.  In the past I have been nervous about my aging eggs while still trying to convince myself I have plenty of time, but its most important to me that the circumstances be right before I enter that phase of my life.  I haven’t always had baby fever but its strength has ebbed and flowed in the past several years, especially as people around me get pregnant and I get to hold their adorable babies!  The sweet children I have in my life combined with the thought that everyone seems to be pregnant makes me feel like I’m behind.  However, my life circumstances are not right for children at this time, and if I want to do it right there are a lot of things that need to happen before I feel comfortable bringing children in to the world.

I have so much respect for my parents, who raised 3 children on a modest single income, so that my mom could stay home and raise us.  Now, I am an independent woman of the Y Generation, but I still long for the choice to stay at home with my children if I should want to, instead of cursing the American government for the too-short, 6-week unpaid maternity leave that is available to me.

mother-429158_1280So, here I am.  I want quality time with my family (now, and in the future), and I’m taking steps now to make sure that I will have options when I finally do have children of my own.

You will see these things reflected in my life (and by default, my blog) as I continue to share my story.  Some of the topics that are important to me directly relate to this (long-term) desire for a family, but all of them relate to my own desire to be the best version of myself that I can be.

These are the things that I’m working on that you will come across on this blog:

  1.  My health:  Currently I’m on a journey to lose weight and improve my health.  This not only helps my long-term health but also will reduce the chances of complications when I do decide to get pregnant.  Regardless of my age or whether I’m considering child-bearing, though, health is critical to quality of life and I want to do my part to make sure I’m maximizing my health.  I heard someone say once that if you only got one car for your whole life, you’d probably take excellent care of it.  Similarly, the body can be viewed as a vehicle, that takes you where you want to go.  It needs maintenance, fuel, rest, and nourishment to function at its best.  I only get one body, I want to treat it well.
  2. Money:  I’ve gotten rid of all debt outside of my home and student loans.  For years I have been informing myself about how to manage my finances—Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, Robert Kiyosaki, blogs about finances, couponing, and saving money—all have been sources of education about financial management and budgeting.  While I have a long way to go on completely eliminating my debt I continue to try to maximize every dollar that comes into my life.  I have put some money in savings for life’s little surprises and even though I’m young I am contributing to a retirement fund to serve me in my golden years.  I have a salaried job, but also use sales and coupons to save money, and take on side projects to make additional money.   Managing money is a long-term project, my income and expenses won’t always be what they are now, but there are things I can do to plan ahead to make sure I’m in the best possible financial situation.
  3. Home Improvement Projects:  My home is a little 2-bedroom townhouse.  At 871 square feet, it’s more than enough for me and the dog, but not ideal long-term if I want to live with anyone besides my fur baby.  Since I closed on the home in 2011, I have painted, sanded, scraped, and made all kinds of changes to improve the value of the home.  Long-term I plan to either sell it or rent it out.  But right now I live there, so I have done as many improvements as I can by myself to save money.  Most of the improvements have been cosmetic, thankfully, and I have been able to get great deals on supplies from time to time.
  4. Self Improvement:  I want to be the best person I can be–for myself, but also for the people I take care of at work and the loved ones in my personal life.  If I’m not feeling balanced it is hard for me to be available to be a source of support for others.  As I continue to discover my true nature and how to relate best to those around me, I need to reflect and process things as they happen.  I love books about self-development (or “self-help”, as the bookstores like to classify them), and I’m much more likely to be reading something like that than a fashion magazine.  I have chosen to have relationships with people that I’m able to discuss life with on a deep level, and fortunately because of my vocation I have a lot of friends with a therapy/counseling background.

As I go through life I will share thoughts about my journey in each of these areas.  I hope that the things I have struggled with will be a source of help and support to others.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any ideas on how to make life just a little more easy, let me know! :-)

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I was born and raised in upstate New York, where my parents still live, before escaping the cold weather to settle in North Carolina in 2008.
I am a Gemini, a middle child, a dreamer, a lover, an optimist, and a Social Worker. I have a cheesy sense of humor, a belief that all people are basically good, and a desire to improve the world around me.
I live in NC with my husband and our dog.

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