Saving Money at Big Lots

Saving Money at Big Lots


I am a bargain shopper.  There’s no way around it.  If a deal can be had, I will find it!

That being said, each discount store is not created equal;  some places have better quality merchandise than others.

Today, I will share my thoughts on the best products to buy at Big Lots.

Home décor

This is by far the department that has the best value at Big Lots.  The inventory changes with the seasons and is relevant and affordably priced.  I got a great mirror here for only $20 that I plan to hang in my bathroom.  This includes hang-able art (is hang-able a word? You know what I mean) and picture frames.



Big lots has a decent variety of non-perishables that I peruse from time to time.  I have shied away from their new refrigerator and freezer sections, but I enjoy the selection of beverages and snacks.  In the beauty section I often find Slimfast shakes, South Beach bars, and Atkins bars for a fraction of the price I could get them at a grocery store or drugstore.


I’ve gotten great deals on utensils such as can openers, and ceramic dishware.  The quality is decent and you can usually find brand names, such as Farberware.


Curtains and rods

Curtain rods (both white metal ones and decorative wooden ones) are very affordable and there is a large selection of good quality curtains, valences, and the like.  This valence in my kitchen was only $6 and I have gotten a set of blackout curtains for $15!


Home organization

Storage tubs, Tupperware containers, and seasonal storage (such as patio covers and Christmas decoration storage) are usually a good value.  Hangers, too.


Seasonal decorations (ALL seasons—summer, fall, winter, and spring) are available and are attractive, reasonably priced and of good quality.


You can usually find multi-packs of brand name underwear, such as Hanes and Froot of the Loom.  I am an underwear snob myself, but if you like the good old-fashioned briefs, you can find them for a good price at Big Lots.

Gift sets

Although I’m not a huge fan of the beauty section in general, Big Lots has decent brand-named beauty gift sets.  Of course, your best bet is to wait until the holidays are over, but even at their regular prices these will be less expensive than you’ll find in other stores.


Yes, Big Lots has clearance!  There are often a lot of broken or damaged items in the clearance section, but sometimes I have found some incredible deals.  You can also repurpose items that won’t be able to serve their original purpose.  The best food deals I have found were clearance items that were about to expire.


There are some items that are of poor quality that I have seen at Big Lots.  These are the items I would steer clear of:

  • Sheets and comforters
  • Electronics
  • Office supplies
  • Beauty Items


Things I’m not sure about:

Baby Items

I don’t have kids, so I haven’t needed to buy baby products.

Cleaning products

I prefer to buy brand-name cleaning products on sale and/or with coupons, so I’m not sure about the quality of these items.


I haven’t bought any so I’m not sure about the quality.


Pros of Shopping at Big Lots                                                        Cons of Shopping at Big Lots

Rewards program                                                                       Manufacturer’s coupons not accepted

Variety of items                                                                                                Limited Stock

Some Brand Names


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