Overcoming Obstacles

silhouette-936715_1920So if you’re a detail-oriented person, you may have noticed that I really got the inspiration and made the decision to start this website back in the end of April 2011.  However, it didn’t actually launch until August of 2015. You may be thinking, “Bridget, what the heck took you so long?”

I’m addressing this because it relates to my mission in this website—to help people overcome obstacles and get the best life has to offer.  For me, the obstacles facing me were fear and lack of knowledge.

Here are some of the thoughts I have had.  “Would people really be interested in what I have to say?  Do I really have something valuable to offer?  Could I really be successful at this?  Do I really have the time it takes to devote to a functional, well-maintained, and lucrative website?”  Of course, they all center around the fear that I’m not good enough and I don’t have what it takes to achieve something that I really want to do.

So, what to do in these situations?

Put these thoughts out of your mind.

I truly believe that if you have a lot of fear about something it’s because you are truly meant to do it, and that its your own insecurities holding you back. If you follow your inner compass and allow yourself to believe you are capable of achieving what you want, take a step forward.  Just one step.  Then, when you see that work out, take another.  Just one step at a time.  Anyone can take one step.  When I have fears like that, it helps to remind myself of times in the past that I have been afraid, but took action and had success despite the fear.

Fear isn’t what holds you back.  You are what holds you back, if you choose to let fear paralyze you.  It’s a choice.

This is the reason it took me so long to launch this website even though I’ve really known what I wanted to do since for years!  Eventually I just decided that it doesn’t matter how much I hem and haw about my content and my layout; it won’t benefit anyone for my ideas to remain ideas.  I will be the first to admit that this website is a work in progress and it may be a little rocky to start with, but it was more important that I get it out there and make it a reality than to try to make everything perfect before I did something with it.

So here I am, embarking on this journey, which I believe will be a positive one.

Oh yeah.  The other obstacle—lack of knowledge, is one that can be easily overcome.  I really have very little technical knowledge and I’ve never had a website before, so all the jargon is very new and unfamiliar.  I feeling like I’m kind of groping along in the dark, but fortunately there is a lot of (free!) information available on the internet, and other bloggers and supportive people in my life are very friendly, helpful, and forthcoming  with lessons they have learned along the way.

About bridget

I was born and raised in upstate New York, where my parents still live, before escaping the cold weather to settle in North Carolina in 2008.
I am a Gemini, a middle child, a dreamer, a lover, an optimist, and a Social Worker. I have a cheesy sense of humor, a belief that all people are basically good, and a desire to improve the world around me.
I live in NC with my husband and our dog.

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