Making Goals for the New Year

Making Goals for the New Year


Think about what your life was like a year ago.  Five years ago.  If you’re anything like me it is drastically different.  Where you live, the people you spend the most time with, the community organizations you’re involved in, the hobbies you participate in, have likely all changed.  If not, ask yourself why.  On a daily basis you make decisions in each of these areas that affect where you are at the present moment. 

Look at your life in the four main areas:  social, physical, financial, and spiritual.   Even better, write these categories down and think about them for a minute.  Do you have anything you’d like to achieve in any of these areas?  Create a goal for each area.  Be specific, and don’t be afraid to think big.  You’ve got your whole life to improve yourself; don’t expect everything to fall into place in a week.  ?  You can use any time frame you’d like—a year, five years, 10 years, or even six weeks.  Just make sure your goal is realistic for the time frame you have set it for. 

If you have not made any changes in the past year, why is that?  Are you afraid of change?  Are you content with the life you have?  Most of us want more out of life.  However, not all of us are willing to take the steps (or risks) that come with moving forward in life.  What are the things holding you back?  How much influence do you have in removing these obstacles?   Much of the time, we are the biggest things standing in the way of our own success.

Sure, sometimes things happen that are beyond our control.  Family members fall ill, the economy affects our financial stability, people around us make decisions that impact our lives.  These things, unfortunately, are all part of daily living, and are things we have to learn to deal with in order to move forward.time-273857_1280

However, even if a circumstance is out of your control, you can still decide how you’re going to deal with it.  There are two things that a person has control over—their attitude and their actions.  If you are facing a situation that is not ideal, confront it with confidence that you can overcome it.  Think about which parts of the situation you can affect, even if it just how you view it, and go from there.

The hardest part for some people is letting go of what they are familiar with.  It has been said, “the only constant in life is change”.  In other words, your life will change whether you want it to or not.  You need to decide for yourself whether you guide that change yourself or allow things to happen to you.  Don’t be a victim of circumstance.  Create your own future.  Make your own plan for your life and follow through with that plan.  You choose the direction you’re life can take!

Consider the next year and think about where you want to be a year from now.  Write it down, be specific, and put your goals somewhere you can see them on a regular basis.  Happy New Year!


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I was born and raised in upstate New York, where my parents still live, before escaping the cold weather to settle in North Carolina in 2008.
I am a Gemini, a middle child, a dreamer, a lover, an optimist, and a Social Worker. I have a cheesy sense of humor, a belief that all people are basically good, and a desire to improve the world around me.
I live in NC with my husband and our dog.

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