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As you can see there has been a very long hiatus since I wrote a post (1.5 years!) but I would like to get back on track.  This blog (and writing, in general), remains on my mind on a regular basis and it feels like one of those things I “need” to do in my life.

The good news is, a lot of exciting things have been happening!

Nine short days after my last post, my then-boyfriend proposed!  Of course I said yes, and life has been a whirlwind since.

Let me give you a picture of what things have looked like since my last post:

  • My man and I got engaged
  • I started a new job
  • I moved to a rental home in a neighboring city
  • I took (and passed!) a professional licensing exam
  • I finished renovations at my townhouse and successfully started renting it out, with the help of a property management company
  • I took a trip to my hometown (600 miles away), where my Mom and I found my wedding dress
  • I took several trips with my man, including weekends at the beach, a trip to Las Vegas, a trip to Miami, and several day trips to a nearby city a couple of hours away, where we planned for our wedding to be
  • I hosted a visit at Thanksgiving for my parents, my brother, and my then-pregnant sister in law, who all came to visit for the first time since I moved to NC in 2008
  • I became and aunt-My brother in sister in law had a beautiful and healthy baby boy, who also happens to be the first grandchild in the family
  • My friends threw me a bridal shower and bachelorette party
  • My man and I looked at houses all over nearby areas and closed on a house at the end of April
  • My man and I moved into our new home only a few short weeks before the wedding
  • My man and I had a beautiful wedding–We got married at the end of May <3
  • My man and I went on our honeymoon!

Thankfully, our honeymoon included a lot of downtime and some much needed rest and relaxation!  After reading that list of what has gone on in the past year an a half, I’m almost exhausted all over again!   Two moves, planning a wedding, several trips, a new addition to the family, lots of stress, lots of to-dos, and fortunately, lots of excitement!  And of course, I’ve had other friends get engaged, get married, get pregnant, adopt animals, and I’ve gotten to share in the excitement of those events as well!

Whew!  I would like to say it’s all be joy and celebrations, but there’s certainly been some difficult things too.  The part that I’m most excited about now, though, is making our house into a home and settling in.  So far marriage has been wonderful, though not without challenges, and I’m looking forward to developing a deeper relationship with my husband (that word still holds so much novelty!).

I’m sorry for the break but I hope your life has been full of joy and excitement as well!



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I was born and raised in upstate New York, where my parents still live, before escaping the cold weather to settle in North Carolina in 2008.
I am a Gemini, a middle child, a dreamer, a lover, an optimist, and a Social Worker. I have a cheesy sense of humor, a belief that all people are basically good, and a desire to improve the world around me.
I live in NC with my husband and our dog.

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