Embracing Fall

leaves-449622_1920School has started, the pools have closed, there’s a chill in the air, and Starbucks has started serving Pumpkin-spiced lattes.  Christmas decorations have made their appearance in craft stores.  Fall is officially here!

Summer is my favorite season, so saying good-bye is always difficult for me.  This year, instead of dreading the season of cold and darkness, I’m trying to engage a more positive perspective about autumn and the unique things that only come this time of year.


There’s nothing quite like the beauty of the orange and red colors that show up on the trees at this time of year.   I’m taking a trip to the mountains this weekend, and I’m actually hoping for the trees to change a lot this week so I can take in the view on the ride.

Down Time

Everything feels just a little slower during this time of year.  School has started, so kids have stopped running around outside and begun hitting the books again.  There seems to be fewer parties.   The sun is setting earlier, which means people are home with their families instead of staying out late.  The chill in the air encourages me to cuddle at home and read or watch a movie instead of going out.  It’s nice to have a slowed pace and get a little bit of rest and relaxation.

Comfy Clothes

Skimpy summer apparel and beachwear require a lot of work:  regular shaving, uncomfortable strapless bras, keeping your toe nails painted for wearing sandals.  Fall allows for jeans that are well worn, shoes that cover your whole foot, and a comfy cardigan sweater. It’s just less work.


Getting Ready for the Holidays

I’m (a little) embarrassed to say that I’m among the percentage of Americans that has already begun Christmas shopping.  I can’t help it, when I see something I know someone I love will like (and its decently priced), I buy it just in case I don’t see it again later.  Honestly, it helps my budget and time management to do it this way.  Fall means that winter parties and holiday time with loved ones are approaching!

Unique Flavors

I already mentioned the appearance of pumpkin spice lattes (it seems pumpkin flavors are popping up in everything!), but there’s also apple cider, seasonal beers, and warm soups that reappear in the fall!


(Dear coffee creamer companies, can you make a pumpkin spice sugar-free, dairy free coffee creamer for those of us on no-carb diets?  Please and thank you! J)

Extra sleep

In addition to the slower pace, one of my favorite things about the fall is daylight savings time.  Yes, I hate losing the evening sunshine, but there’s a weekend with an extra hour of sleep!  Big sleepers, rejoice!


What is your favorite part of the fall?

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