Weight Loss Journey 1

Weight Loss Journey 1

From 2009-2010, I spent a lot of time focused on my weight and my health.  I was seriously overweight, and made some significant changes to lose weight, to the tune of 75 pounds!

Years later, I am focusing on that area of my life again.  I kept most of the weight off for a few years, but put a significant amount back on from 2014-2015.  There are many reasons for this, but I’m not here to make excuses; suffice it to say that I didn’t keep up the healthy habits that allowed me to lose that weight in the first place.

I’ve gotten back on track, however, and have lost about 10 pounds over the past month.  The weight loss journey that allowed me to lose 75 pounds before has changed my life for the better; even with some of the weight back on, I’m a much more confident and successful person.  The website Sparkpeople was instrumental in allowing me to be accountable to myself, and record and report changes.  It was at that time that I first discovered blogging, as I chronicled my journey on their member blogging platform.


Since re-committing myself to my health over the past several weeks, I have fondly recalled those early days of blogging.  I read through several of those posts today and was surprised to find myself inspired by my own words.

For that reason, I have decided to re-publish those blog posts on this blog.  Even though the original words were from 2009-2010, I hope that my story will resonate with what others are going through when they make that kind of commitment.  This is also a selfish endeavor; re-visiting those blog posts myself will help me to continue focusing on my health in the present, and to re-evaluate and update goals that I set for myself in the past.  I’m convinced that health (especially related to maintaining weight) is something I will continue to need to prioritize as my life circumstances, responsibilities, and priorities change.

There are some similarities between then and now, as well as some changes.  As before, I am a single (as in, unmarried) woman.  My job is in the same field, but is more emotionally demanding and requires a much longer commute than the one I had years ago.  I have a dog (this may seem like a small thing but he requires a lot of attention!), and the care he requires falls exclusively on my shoulders.  As before, I live alone, except now I own a townhome instead of renting an apartment.   Fortunately I continue to have wonderful family and friends (although the friends I am closest to have changed) and I have a wonderful boyfriend who is supportive and values his health as well.  I’m in my early 30’s now, as opposed to my late 20’s as before, and I live in a different city, although I remain in North Carolina.  The focus for me now is more about long-term health than appearance, although I still want to look hot in a two-piece bathing suit!

As I post the old blogs, I will also post the original date they were appeared on SparkPeople.  The old blog posts will begin with the title:  Weight Loss Journey 1.  Any new blog posts from my current weight loss journey will begin with the title:  Weight Loss Journey 2, and I will try to make it clear which posts are older and which are more recent.

Regardless of your weight, join me on this journey to better health!  I’d love to hear about your struggles and successes along the way!!!


Inquiring minds want to know: What is all this business about Weight Loss Journey 1 and Weight Loss Journey 2?

Weight Loss Journey 1: I lost 75 pounds from 2009-2011; I’m reposting the blog posts I wrote on Sparkpeople during that time.  For more info, see above.

Weight Loss Journey 2: I have gained back the majority of the weight I lost and have been on a quest since July 2015 to lose the weight again.

Sorry about the timing of the posts, I know that’s probably confusing. But they are only appearing at the same time because I didn’t start my blog earlier. It may be helpful to read the posts by category if you want to catch up. Enjoy!