Blogging:  Concerns and Truths

Blogging: Concerns and Truths

bill payI’ve been consistently posting on my blog here for a couple of months (yay, me!).  There are several concerns that I have had about blogging that probably held me back to start with:

Concern:      I was worried I wouldn’t have enough content

Truth be told, there are plenty of blogs out there that have a more narrow focus than mine, and they are doing just fine.

Even with using blog posts I wrote years ago for Weight Loss Journey 1, I have plenty of ideas to maintain my goal of 2-3 posts per week.  With things that happen to me on a daily basis, thoughts and concerns, stories to share, plus blog posts I have written over the past several years, I have found it easy to maintain this pace without dipping in to my reserve articles.

Truth:  It has been much easier to maintain this pace than I thought.  It was me that was holding me back!

One day I may be interested in posting more articles, but for now posting 2-3 times per week has been easier than I expected.  Apparently, I have more to share than I realized. J


Concern:      I was worried people wouldn’t be interested in what I have to say

This blog is probably more for myself than for anyone else, at least for right now.  In order to feel comfortable sharing my life with the internet, I really had to shift my focus from the big, bad world to myself.  I want this blog to benefit other people, for sure.  But for years I have had more guilt about not doing it than I had fear of actually doing it, which led me to finally take the plunge.  I’m not sure if I’m expressing myself clearly so I’ll say it another way.  I’d rather face the fear of what other people think than live with the regret of not ever taking action on the blog.

I have been hesitant to share the title of this blog, even with close friends, for fear they would be harsh and critical.   I think this has to do with a bigger question:

Why is it that I don’t think my words have value?


Truth:  People want you to succeed.  More often than not, they will offer support instead of criticism.


Concern:  People would avoid my site because the design wasn’t “pretty” or “professional” enough.

Technology is constantly changing.  I have seen the designs for my favorite blogs change over the years, and that hasn’t stopped me from visiting those sites.  I don’t know a lot about the technical aspects of blogging, but there are plenty of resources to help me learn.


Truth: People are drawn to websites over and over again because of the content, not the design. I will figure out the technological aspects along the way.


I say all this to share what I have been learning over the past couple of months about blogging and how my fears have interfered with taking action in the past.  I have such a different sense of accomplishment now that I am sharing my words instead of just letting them swirl around inside me.  The feedback I have gotten has been positive (thanks!) and constructive; my friends have some really good ideas!

The bigger message I have learned from this is that if there’s something you deeply and intensely want to do but are hesitating about because of fear—do it anyway.  The details will work themselves out.  You can’t wait for circumstances to be perfect; they never will be.  Certainly, there are ways you can plan for success, but don’t let fear or lack of knowledge get in your way.  These things can be overcome!

Is there something your heart yearns to do but you find yourself hesitating and making excuses as to why it won’t work?    Start taking action!  You will feel better and find that you are energized and ideas come to you with ease.  I’d love to hear what you learn along the way!

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