About Me

Hello!  Welcome to Cheerful Focus!  I have had the idea for this blog for a couple of years, and even attempted it a couple times (with little effort, if I’m honest).  However, I let fear and my lack of technical knowledge get in the way.

No more!  I have a lot to share that I think others can benefit from, and this blog is my attempt to help others who may have been where I have come from.  Years ago, my confidence was poor, I could barely look people in the eye, and I was a shadow of the person I am now.  A lot of work and shelves of self-help books have gone into trying to improve my self-image, health, and confidence.Me

I’m still a work in progress.  The more that I work with people the more I realize that we are all just a bunch of big kids trying to make our way in this crazy world.  We all have to figure out our own path and try to invest our time and energy in something that’s consistent with what our hearts desire.

The thing is, there was no reason for my poor self-image and lack of confidence.  I have a great family, have had many advantages in life (including an excellent education), and have had no traumatic experiences that would have halted my development.  And yet, pieces of my soul felt broken.  There were times I felt lost, alone, afraid, and for no apparent reason.

The idea for this blog developed after years of working as a medical Social Worker.  I was stuck in a rut, burned out in my work, and felt like my education and skill set were not being utilized.  I wanted a way to reach out to the world and help people in a new way.  In my adult life, I have learned that writing is something I really enjoy, and am decent at, so the ideas all converged and here we are!

I feel like there are more people in the world like I used to be:  people who don’t know what they want or where to go or how to move forward.  My hope is that I can reach out to those people through my “cheerful focus”, give them a big hug through the computer, and provide information and encouragement to help them have better lives.  I am by no means an expert at any of this, but I think that some of the experiences I have had and things I’ve read about could be helpful to others, and I’m excited to learn how I can learn from your experiences as well!

By working together and keeping a “cheerful focus”, let’s help each other lead more productive, confident lives!

~Bridget :-)